Prediction of Protein Configurational Entropy (Popcoen).

TitlePrediction of Protein Configurational Entropy (Popcoen).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGoethe M, Gleixner J, Fita I, J Rubi M
JournalJ Chem Theory Comput
Date Published2018 Mar 13

A knowledge-based method for configurational entropy prediction of proteins is presented; this methodology is extremely fast, compared to previous approaches, because it does not involve any type of configurational sampling. Instead, the configurational entropy of a query fold is estimated by evaluating an artificial neural network, which was trained on molecular-dynamics simulations of ∼1000 proteins. The predicted entropy can be incorporated into a large class of protein software based on cost-function minimization/evaluation, in which configurational entropy is currently neglected for performance reasons. Software of this type is used for all major protein tasks such as structure predictions, proteins design, NMR and X-ray refinement, docking, and mutation effect predictions. Integrating the predicted entropy can yield a significant accuracy increase as we show exemplarily for native-state identification with the prominent protein software FoldX. The method has been termed Popcoen for Prediction of Protein Configurational Entropy. An implementation is freely available at .

Alternate JournalJ Chem Theory Comput
PubMed ID29351717