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Academic License

The Full FoldX Suite is freely available to Academic and Non-Profit Research Institutions for research purposes only.

An Academic License Agreement, having standard terms and conditions that allows for licensing for research purposes, can be obtained here.


Evaluation License

If you don´t qualify for an Academic License and would like to evaluate the FoldX suite before purchasing, we provide a 2-weeks evaluation license, which is fully featured and not limited in any technical capacity. Be aware that the software can only be used for evaluation purposes before purchasing, and it is forbidden to use its results for research or any other purposes other than the evaluation. In the event that the evaluation yields a result that could be applicable to your research or could be used for any other purposes other than the evaluation you should immediately purchase a license in order to be allowed to use such result in your research or any other purposes other than the evaluation.

The terms of the evaluation license can be reviewed here. If you accept the terms of the agreement, you can contact us to obtain your 2-weeks trial.


Commercial License

If you want to use the FoldX Suite for commercial purposes, please contact us. We will advise you on the best package and license type to fit your needs.

License Types

There are two types of Commercial Licenses:

  • On-Site: The software is placed on a limited number of machines in a single Site and its use is limited to those machines.
  • Global / Multi-Site: As long as the software is being used by a licensed user, the software can be run from all Sites of a company, both locally or from an off-site data center.

In all cases we grant unlimited usage of CPUs and number of tasks that can be run in parallel.

License Periods

We offer different Licensing Periods:

  • Pay per use
  • Annual License
  • 3 or 5 Multiyear License At a progressively discounted price


Services and Training

We offer Contract Research, Training and Consulting Services to support our client´s research. We provide solutions to specific scientific problems in the area of structural protein modeling (protein engineering and docking), tailored to our customer's needs. All our services are undertaken in-house by a team of FoldX experts. Please contact us for further information at 


Source Code

Please note that each and all of the modules of FoldX Suite are offered in compiled format and that we do not provide or sell source code.